Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 9 of my Journey!

I am so excited to seethe changes in me. I am feeling much better about myself now. I have become more active in what I do and making sure to make right choices. I have always tried to instill that in my little one as well. I want him to make right choices in school. One that we've worked on was him coming to me even if it meant that possibly he'd get in trouble. He does come to me even if he thinks he might get in trouble. I'm so proud of him. I love it when he cheers me on at my meetings and my weigh in's. He's a great cheerleader just like my Aunt Betty. He loves it when he comes to a weigh in with me. They love it when he congratulates me if I have a loss. They tell him then he announces it and cheers me on. The other ladies waiting in line to be weighed love it and when he gives a woo hoo! from the back of the room they clap for him because they make him smile. Now he doesn't get to go with me all the time. He goes if he's off from school because of a holiday or there's just no school like in the summer. Sometimes it's those little things that mean so much to us when we're removing pounds or trying to accomplish a goal.

Now onto the weigh in results!! I had another add on. I had some things going on that I wasn't always able to track points. Tracking points is always key to this. I really feel that I need to make sure I log what I do, what I eat. I will be journaling and will let you know how that goes. The add on amount is +0.4 pounds. Which now brings my total to an even 23 pounds!!! I'm still proud that I've removed 23 pounds because that could have easily gone the other way if I hadn't buckled down and started keeping track.

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