Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Week 5 of my Journey!

I'm doing well. Just taking care of my Aunt a little more now. I should say why I have to care for her. She's alone now that my Uncle has passed away three years ago now. I know it's been difficult for her. The day that we buried my Uncle we discovered that my Aunt has cancer. She's taken radiation for it, but needs some assistance at home. I love to spend time with her. She always has interesting stories to tell. I love to hear of her travel stories.

Now onto the "removal" ~ this week at the scale I did a great job. I must say that because I feel any removal is great!!!! Just means that I'm closer to my goal weight. I had a removal of -0.6 pounds. I'm excited!!!!! My total now is 21.8 pounds removed!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Week 4 of my Journey!

Here we are again another week. I'm so excited!! I'm doing more than I was before. I really feel good. I have been taking care of my Aunt. I'm so happy doing it too. I don't always go everyday, but I'm sure one day I will be going more often. I love her to pieces.

Drum roll please...hehe. I couldn't resist! Let's see how I did. Well, I can tell you that my removal this week didn't add up. I mean I didn't have a removal I had an add on. I don't like these add on's. Hmmm, I'm going to have to work harder next week. I know I didn't go beyond my points, but still I had a +0.2. I know it's not much, but it really upset me. I really was hoping to have a removal. I figured out later on why the "+". It's one of those things us woman have to deal with monthly. I'm glad it wasn't a 3 to 4 pounds up. I will see a change on the scale next week. Well, now my total is 21.2

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 3 of my Journey!

Now I'm really feeling great!!! I'm excited!! I feel better. I have more energy!! I really love this!! I really do!! My little one does too.  He says, "Mama you're playing with me more now. Do you hurt? Does your back hurt?" When I said no, I don't hurt and my back doesn't hurt.  He was excited even more that I was on the floor playing with him.  I was really enjoying myself.

Time for the unveiling of the removal for the week... that just cracks me up.   I went to weigh in this morning before going to take care of my Aunt.  I hope I have a good "removal" so I can hear my cheerleader cheer for me.  She's so wonderful!  I have a removal of -2.4 pounds!!!! Wooo!! HOoo!!! I'm happy!!!! Now my total is 21.4 pounds removed!!! Yippee!!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Week 2 of Weight Watchers Weigh In

I'm excited to go to weigh in.  Now how many can say they're exited to get weighed on a scale.  I usually cringe at the thought when I go to the doctor's because it seems like his scale is so off from mine.  The last time I weighed at his office my scale was a six pound difference.  So now we'll see how Weight Watchers scale is close to mine.  I hope I can figure it out so I can track mine at home.  I know I shouldn't weigh myself often.  I should wait for the surprise at the meeting.  I mean if I've been on target there should always be a surprise at the scale right?? LOL

Time to reveal what happened at the scale this week.  Drum Roll....ok ok... so that was a little over the top.  Have to admit I'm pretty excited!!! I am really!!!  I went and was hoping for at least a 2 or 3 pound loss.  I was pleasantly surprised when they said I lost 5 pounds this week!!! WOW!! 5 pounds!!!! I'm so excited so that brings my total now to 19 pounds lost.

Ok, I need to make a change here!! I don't like the word "Lost".... I guess because when we lose something it can be found right?? I mean, seriously we lose our keys for example ~ we find them right!!  I am changing this right now!! I am going to start using the word "removed".  I say this because when I remove the weight I'm not going to go find it again... so the word is removed!!!!