Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Week 6 of my Journey!

This is going well. I really like the changes I'm seeing. I am having issues with one pair of jeans though. LOL I have to say that I did something funny. I added a second button to my jeans because we don't have the funds at the moment that I can buy another pair. I would go to the thrift store, but they don't get clothes in my size often. I'll make these work until I can't do anything with them. Let's see how we do.

I'm home now from weigh in the meeting was great. I love them they are really informative. I really feel like I'm being accountable when I go to them. I feel really encouraged to go again next week with another "removal". I have a removal this week of -0.6 pounds!!!! Yea!!! It may not be that much but I figure any removal is a good one!!! I'm so happy!!! That makes a new total of 22.4 pounds now removed!!!

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