Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Week 10 of my Journey!!

I am now in week 10!! I can't believe that I've been doing this now for 10 weeks. I really hope that I do well this week. I have been tracking and journaling right along. I know that really helps to do that because when you see it on paper it doesn't always look that appealing when you go to put that in your mouth if you know that you'll be close to points or over points. I find that I'm even more accountable when I show it to my weigh in partner. We didn't know each other prior to starting Weight Watchers, but we met there and decided that if we showed each other our journals each week we'd one see what each other was eating and if we had a gain instead of a loss that we could be right there to help each other. I'm grateful for her and I'm glad that we're doing this too.

On to the results for the week. I felt pretty good walking into weigh in. I have been active more this week. I have now been weighed and here are the results. I had a -2.2 pound of removal!! WOW!!!! It really pays to be good!!! I also got my 5% goal done!!! I got a 5% sticker!!! I'd post a picture, but it's right next to my weight and I'm not ready to reveal that. I know I could to be more accountable. I have now removed 25.2 pounds!!!!!! Yeah!!!! WOW!!! I am so excited!!!

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