Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Week 17 of my Journey!

This is really becoming routine for me now. I don't have to look at point values so much now. WAIT!!! WHAT!!!! HOLD THE HORSES!!! They're changing program now!!! Just when I got this one down good. I know change is good it's just hard to accept at times.

I am looking forward to my meeting now. It has been quite some time since I've been to a meeting. Oh, I get to the weigh in's I just don't always get to go to the meetings because of the time of my shift to care for my Aunt. I have some sad news to share my Aunt passed away the day after Thanksgiving. I'm sad that she's gone and that's my flesh, it's weak ~ yet my spiritual body ~ my walk with Christ makes me stronger and happy for my Aunt to be home now in Heaven with the Lord. I'm going to miss my cheerleader, but that's ok..she's a better cheerleader now because she's on God's team!!! I had a +0.4 add on. I'm not that happy with myself, but considering it was a holiday and I did have one bad choice in there and I think that's what made me blow it. That's ok. I'm on track for this week. That makes a total of 26.2 pounds removed now. See ya in the week.

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