Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 16 of my Journey!

Here we are now just before Thanksgiving. I am excited about the holiday, but it scares me to death because I don't want to have a gain next week. I don't want to fall off the accountability wagon if you will. Humor me; isn't it that we all say I gained X number of pounds because of this or that holiday?? We say that, but it really isn't the holiday's fault that we have a gain ~ it's our own choices that we make.

My Aunt is really bad now. I don't know if she's going to make it through Thanksgiving. I'm hoping that she will. We have a plan with my little one being there and all. We will be having Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner there at my Aunt's because half of the shift is mine and half will be my Mother's. I have been checking on my Aunt her breathing is more sporadic
, her pulse is elevated now. She's not really responding at this point. It is so difficult seeing her this way.

Here is the results of the week +0.2 pounds add on. I am not happy about the add on, but I think that my add on is because I'm anxious about my Aunt. I am in a difficult position right now. I really am upset about losing her, but the way she is right now that is not a life she would want to live. I know it would be better if God took her home with Him.

My total is now 26.6 pounds now removed.

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