Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week 13 of my Journey!

I am still keeping on!! I want to get the prize of being at goal. I know that doesn't come overnight although we think it would be nice. This weight didn't come on overnight so it cannot come off overnight.

My results for the week. I have a -4.0 pound of removal!!! Woo! HOoo!! I'm so proud of myself! I am actually shocked with how much of a removal. I said what? Are you sure? They said yes! They congratulated me. I had my little cheerleader there as well. School hasn't started as of yet.

I am sorry I have been leaving out my Aunt. I have been taking care of her on a daily basis now with my Mother and three other Aids from Hospice. We are working hard to care for her. It's hard to see her there in the hospital bed like that when I know she was always so active. I pray for her daily.

My total of removal is now 28 pounds removed!!! WOW!! I'm really getting there!!

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