Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 3 of my Journey!

Now I'm really feeling great!!! I'm excited!! I feel better. I have more energy!! I really love this!! I really do!! My little one does too.  He says, "Mama you're playing with me more now. Do you hurt? Does your back hurt?" When I said no, I don't hurt and my back doesn't hurt.  He was excited even more that I was on the floor playing with him.  I was really enjoying myself.

Time for the unveiling of the removal for the week... that just cracks me up.   I went to weigh in this morning before going to take care of my Aunt.  I hope I have a good "removal" so I can hear my cheerleader cheer for me.  She's so wonderful!  I have a removal of -2.4 pounds!!!! Wooo!! HOoo!!! I'm happy!!!! Now my total is 21.4 pounds removed!!! Yippee!!!!

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