Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Lunch with Hubby and Son :)!!

Hubby and son wanted to take me to Red Robin Restaurant.  I was anxious because before I didn't really pay too much attention to what I ate.  I say this to say that I thought I was being careful but after researching I wasn't as careful as I could have been.  Now that I have been in program and have been able to calculate the points of the various foods on the menu my choices are much different.

I chose to have the Lettuce Wrap Your Burger menu choice.  This was 14 points.  I know I could have lowered it by removing the cheese, but how much would it have lowered.  There was a lot of beef there for the burger.  I did however ask them to remove the onions.  I know you're saying, but they're zero points!! Yes, they are, but I am allergic to them so I avoid them.  The server was so kind and was cautious about the onion being near me.  She warned me about the onion on hubby's plate ~ she brought son's and hubby's dishes out together then went back for mine.

Oh then the fun came when we were ordering; son spoke up to the server and said "Today is Daddy's Birthday"  She said and Mother's Day.  Son said, "and Mother's Day we celebrate my Mama today too, but it's Daddy's birthday too"....was too cute.  Hehe, then toward the end of the meal son gave the server the ok .... then she brought the troops around to clap and sing "Happy Birthday" to  I loved it he was embarrassed, but mind you the two of them got me in January... son's birthday is soon to come.  We had a good time at the restaurant then when we came home we invited my Mother and Step-Dad Steve "Grandpa Steve" down for some special cake.  Here's a picture of the cake.  I can tell you it was delicious!!!! This was so simple to make; comments were "this is diet? this is so good!  this is delicious, Mama"

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