Monday, January 02, 2012

Weigh In

I went to Weight Watchers yesterday.  I wanted to see how I did.  I knew I was on target for my points during the week as well as stepping up my activity level.  I also had a non scale victory.  My non scale victory was a size difference. A dear friend of mine got me a coat for Christmas ~ What a blessing for wonderful friends.  She asked me my coat size and I thought about it...... what size am I??? I honestly didn't know.  I had a coat which I had to throw away as it was one too large on me and second of all would have been no good to anyone else.  I say this because it had a tear down the entire front on the right side of the coat.  Repairing it wouldn't have been good as the fabric of this coat was so thin and frayed at the tear.  I had been wearing a denim coat (my Dad's 8/22/09) with my sweat jacket under it.  Hey, had to improvise....hehe. A girl does what a girl has to do.  I have been fortunate as this winter has been quite mild.  I am only
out a few minutes in the am then later in the pm...if I have errands again I'm not out in the elements that long so what I've been wearing has been sufficient.

As I mentioned I went to weigh in.  I was feeling quite confident when I went in.  I was thinking maybe a possible 1 to 2 pound loss.  Quite to my surprise I found that I had lost 4.8lbs!!!!! I was sooo happy!!! Now mind you I have been setting little goals along the way. I have been doing this because I have found it very helpful in my journey to a new lifestyle.  I say that because some say they're on a diet or just losing weight.  I say new lifestyle because this is NOT a temporary fix for me.  This is a way of life for me.   I want this to be the way I eat and take care of myself.  I don't want to stop when I get to goal.  I want to maintain and teach my family along the way these healthy ways of eating and taking care of their bodies.

I will continue to have updates now as this has been a request of some viewers of mine.  I want to have a healthier new year.  I also want to resolute to reach goal this year.  I don't think it is impossible and also I want to go for another 5K as well.  So be sure to stop back for updates.  I will update even if I do not have a loss.  I'm hoping to have another loss next week, but we will see how this plays out as I have a birthday this weekend.

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