Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm so excited!!!!!

I went to weigh in at Weight Watchers this morning. I tell ya the preparation for these is overwhelming.....ok..ok... so I make more of it than there needs to be. Hey that's ok...ok maybe not..boy this is so much work. I'm just kidding. Ok, seriously. I spent the morning looking for my weigh in clothes. You know the clothes right?? The ones that weigh the least when you pick them up. This shirt is heavier than this one - so you toss that aside to find another and this pair of shorts is heavier than this one so those get tossed the other way. By now your room is looking a little messy for the wear. LOL. I find the clothes that I want for weigh in -psst!! I should have looked in my bag from last weigh in...they were in there. *Scrambles to clean the room so hubby doesn't notice* Now, it's about time to head out to weigh in...must stop off to the restroom ok I know that doesn't do much but you know you have to get rid of the extra last little ounces before you get there. You know the routine you do the same when you get there just because. I know these are strange things to do, but hey we think it works and when the numbers go down on the scale we're all the happier right?? Come on now who's with me on that one? it's the anticipation of that scale will it be nice or won't it??? Hmmm, that's the question of the moment. Waits for turn...ok now it's my turn. Wouldn't you know I have someone that can hold such a straight face that you don't know if you did good or didn't at the scale. How puzzling to me...hmmm, what did she say....."good week".......ok does this mean down a little or a lot??? Can you elaborate??? She doesn't so I ask.....she replies with 3.6 pounds removed!!! Yes, she said 3.6 pounds removed. How cool!!! I'm sooo excited!!! OOps! Got to get off that scale for that jump!

Look up there!! Yes, up there...look what I got when I went to weigh in. I am soo happy. I am so full of energy; I am so motivated to get to my goal. I am then going to do my maintenance then go on to being a leader. I can't wait. I have wanted this for a long time. I will be adding some cool recipes here. I will be posting them with the points from the old system for those of you following that point system and I will be putting the point plus points on them for those of you following the new points system. That'll be all for now; thank you so much for stopping by to see what's going on. Now enjoy your evening, rock out this week by tracking your points and get your self moving so you can get those activity points. You know you'll do great and you'll feel great! Let's hear from you some of your results and any concerns. I'd be happy to email with you to encourage you along your journey. Have a great night now!!

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